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2017,  Two storey house in Distion Petries 50m from the beach

€ 250 000,00
Distion Petries,
For sale
Distion Petries, detached house 155 sq.m, 2 bedrooms, construction '08, bathroom, free, excellent condition, For sale, two-storey house, in the area Petries Euboea. Ιt consists of two houses in essence on a plot of 970 sq.m (year of completion of the house and year that was first inhabited in 2008), the lower house is 87 sq. M (it is not finished, it has aluminum, piping and electrical is past but it finishes inside) and the upper 68 sq.m and consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen / dining room and one hall. The house has a fireplace and air conditioning. There is also a small front garden and a large garden with fruit trees back. The beach is at a distance of 50 - 60 meters from the house and there are taverns and a market for 5 minutes by car.

 Number bathrooms: 1
 Number bedrooms: 2
 Parking: yes
 Square meter: 155.00
 Lot Size: 970 sqmt
 Number of Floors: 2